Live TV Vaccination Is a Total Lie: Conspiracists says
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Live TV Vaccination Is a Total Lie: Conspiracists says


US Vice President Mike Pence, his wife Karen, and Surgeon General Jerome Adams were vaccinated live against Covid-19 today in an effort to convince the hesitant population that it is safe.

At the same time, a group of supporters of various conspiracy theories felt that the government would not dare to really introduce a potentially dangerous substance to the first persons of the state.

According to the conspiracists, retractable syringes were used, which did not inject the vaccine into the subjects' bodies. As shown in the video, the needle was hidden in the syringe, and the liquid itself returned to the piston.

For other reasons, the very method of injection of the vaccine involves the appearance of a "bump" or slight swelling of the skin due to the injected fluid. Such a nuance, or rather its absence, prompts conspiracy theorists to believe that this was a staging and none of the participants received a real vaccine.


Author: Usa Really