Is Trump Putin’s Puppet?
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Is Trump Putin’s Puppet?


We are hearing nowadays a new «genius» discovery about Donald Trump with such words as «Traitor», «Agent of Kremlin»… Even during the elections campaign of 2016 there were high voices that Donald Trump was agent of the Kremlin. But after the supposed interference of Russia in the presidential US elections some  protesters are trying to disqualify President Trump by saying that «he should have not met with Putin in Helsinki», or «why did he invite Putin to the USA next autumn», or «Trump is doing what Putin alludes to». But the most ridiculous opinion on Trump is that “He became Putin’s Puppet”.

Yes, in some way Trump is losing America’s old friends and Allies while Putin is gaining them at the expense of America. But Trump is doing so because it came high Time when the Game should be played for the favor of America, not for Europe or NATO. Let us remember why Trump won the Elections? Isn’t because he said: “Make America Great Again?”. What is wrong with that? Isn’t he making America great again?  On the other hand, It is Trump who first conflicted with North Korea and Iran on Nuclear Arms,, Why these shouters didn’t object? Weren’t they happy about a possible emergence of big and serious conflict  with tremendeous for the whole world.  However, Trump was able to deal with the situation% North Korea is dementling a Rocket Launching Base and some old laboratories.. Now it seems the relations with N. Korea will go much better.

When Trump intended to meet North-korean leader nobody objected, because there was hope for International Peace, but when the meeting with Putin was being prepared a lot of Representatives and Congressmen along with Media and military officials - all objected as if Peace and Friendship with Russia didn’t concern the American Nation.

As to Iran Trump gave him the last chance for peaceful settlement of Nuclear file. Now it depends on them to profit from this opportunity.

After coming into Office Trump did what none american President had the courage to do:  he transfered the US Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. That meant America recognised the new status-quo in the Near-East. Such step was a break of UN Security Council resolution 247 and 334, not to mention the main UN Assembly General resolution of 1948 (The division of Palestine into two states and the Internalisation of Jerusalem). Trump took this decision to show that America is again an international political player Par Excellence.

However, Trump criticized Putin’s Foreign Policy many times (concerning Crimea, Donbass, Syria..) showing that he is the puppet of nobody and Putin reacted calmly because he was convinced that Peace and Stability were worth long patience and sacrifices from both sides, including NATO and European Union.  Trump’s opponents try to ignore that, by shouting against Trump they become voices of the Federal Reserve System where hundreds of War claimers.are concentrated

Yes, Trump is not an Establishment Politician. He can’t play the Game Code of American Politics, but he is a brilliant businessman like thousands of lobbists who interfere in the Pentagone, Capitole and White House, not to mention the Mass-Media and Heavy Industries.

The main problem of US Foreign Policy is the War Industry Corporations belonged by the Private Sector of Economy which needs constant orders for Arms and Technics.  Usually the Pentagone is responsible for the choice of every weapon and his choice impacts the welfare of million technicians working there or getting unemployed.  Therefore, the more Arms are ordered, the better profit  for taxes and bank-welfare..

In Russia the situation is different. The war industry and sophisticated technology are in the hands of Government because they are nationalized.  So when the Russian Ministry of Defense  makes its choice on new orders, they are free of any influence or pression for lack of private interest and Lobbism. This means that the Foreign Policy is not oriented towards sales of arms and equipment, but to the development of Political and Economic Relations at regional and international levels.

That was one of the main reasons for which President Trump is facing a lot of problems. The more tension he creates in the US-Russian relations the more praise and support he gets for a second Presidency.

Trump dreams of setting friendly relations with Putin. This will be easy and possible when both quit the white house and kremlin. However,  what is necessary NOW is doing every possible effort to exclude enmity and remind partners with respect to each other’s interests.  Why America doesn’t wake up and see the new face and heart of Russia?.

Author: Alexander Georges Kini