Passed Out Nurse From Covid Vaccine Declared Dead
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Passed Out Nurse From Covid Vaccine Declared Dead


Rumors of the death of nurse Tiffany Dover went more viral than her fainting at a press conference minutes after the injection.

Enthusiasts conducted their own investigation, following which they found several strong evidence confirming the death of the nurse. Moreover, Tiffany Dover herself disappeared from social media and nothing is known about her health.

The first piece of evidence was a check on the nurse's death certificate on, which showed Tiffany Dover's name and family ties to several other users on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

By the way, the Facebook account was deleted, and CHI Memorial wrote that Tiffany was fine and recovering.

Later, a video appeared in which, allegedly, a nurse was present, but many users claim that this is a different person, referring to the color of the eyes and the shape of the eyebrows.


Author: Usa Really