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The Last Podcast Of This Horrific Year
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The Last Podcast Of This Horrific Year


Hello guys!

Here we at the last podcast in this horrific year. And today, as you may have noticed the first day of the last week, so I wanna talk about recent events such as Nashville explosion and some Covid news.

Last week was pretty hard for all Americans and not only, but the first topic shall be about mysterious story of Tennessee nurse who passed out a minute after a vaccine shot.

You may know that CHI Memorial tried to hide the side effects of vaccine which this nurse faced and even after a short period posted video with hospital staff and there was some woman looked like missed Tiffany Dover.

But here is a lot of questions like “where is she?” “why her social media accounts were deleted?” and the main question “why person with the same name listed as a deceased?”

You can google for the information but there still nothing.

The next Covid incident or I can call it a disaster for another medical front worker. I’m talking about the sad story of register nurse in Nashville Hospital who surviving Bell’s palsy after the Covid-19 vaccination”.

She described this experience as “the worst thing ever” in her life. And I agree with her. I’ll try to explain my position.

The government failed to protect their people from the Coronavirus and in very short period of time tried to create an unreliable something which should make an immunity to almost unknown virus. Right now “the vaccine” is nothing more than experimental liquid which I compare to dangerous band aid aimed to calm all the people and let them pass as more anti-human bills as possible.

If you don’t believe – check recent two Covid Relief Bills and you will understand that the government is trying to buy their own nation just an amount of 1200 dollars while tossing billions in army or foreign countries.

Ok, let’s move to local “gun red flag news” in California.

You could miss this incident because inertness of California authorities towards illegal immigrants allow them to release from jails even dangerous and violent criminals to avoid the spreading of Covid-19, but when a Black man, fearing for his life and the lives of his family members, wants to register a firearm, I recall “because streets in California filled with gangs, drug dealers and illegals,” the US Department of Justice sent a bunch of agents to search his house. Check the link it will surprise you.

And now I want to take a few minutes of your time with some facts about Nashville explosion.

I think it’s the loudest and terrible incident within recent months, if you think otherwise please write comment below, I assume the elections were more horrific, anyway, in about couple of days a lot of people questioned the “official” version of the investigation and alleged that this blast was scripted by CIA or Pentagon like 9/11.

There are even reasonable assumptions and analyses of video evidences from the scene, which, of course were ignored by the federal investigators and the government. You may have heard that they, I mean the Feds, found some hermit-guy, without family and friends. Searched his house and supposed that he was the bomber because he was paranoid about 5G towers. Pretty comfortable.

So, at the end of my podcast, I wanna defuse the situation and tell you some Christmas story with Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and their friend Mr. Elf, wait for it, who had threesome in Ohio mall. In public. And kids saw it.

Kids saw Mrs. Claus moaned on Mr. Claus's lap. And Elf took advantage of the plastic reindeers. Unfortunately, there was no video, I think it’ll be enough if all obscenities would be blurred.


Author: Usa Really