California Man May Be Facing More Indictments for Sexual Assault
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California Man May Be Facing More Indictments for Sexual Assault

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Orange County, California authorities have found multiple who've been victims of sexual assault by a doctor who is accused of conducting fake breast exams on patients.

David Duke House, 59, of Tustin, was charged with felony sexual battery by fraud and misdemeanor sexual exploitation of a patient.

In August 2016 he was accused of touching a female patient inappropriately, on her breasts and vagina, with a stick. He said that it was a breast exam but didn't give any medical justification for it.

Jane Doe reported the assault to the Medical Board's Central Complaint Unit. The case was investigated by the Department of Consumer Affairs at the request of the board. Then it was referred to the Orange County District Attorney's Office for criminal prosecution.

Last week Margaret June also reported being sexually assaulted by the same doctor. She said that he suggested a breast exam without giving any real, concrete reason for it.

"And, frankly, he weirded me out," June said. "I thought I had health problems."

Then he started touching her breast with a strange object, June added. He then proceeded to hold her down and start raping her. She fought back but he punched her in the head.

He threatened her, and said that if she told anyone about what happened that he would kill her.

On May 18, a judge granted an order stopping House from seeing any more female patients without a third-party chaperone during the time of his criminal proceedings.

Further charges for new indictments of sexual assault may not be excluded in the future.

If anyone has more information, California officials encourage contacting Investigator Stan Berry at (714) 664-3964.

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