Chicago Police Fatally Shot a Man as He Climbed a Fence to Flee
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Chicago Police Fatally Shot a Man as He Climbed a Fence to Flee

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CHICAGO — July 26, 2018

The Chicago Civilian office of Police Accountability has released footage showing the shooting of a 24-year-old man while he fled from officers.

The young man, Maurice Granton, died after he was shot on Chicago's South Side on June 6th as police officers conducted a drug investigation in the area, ABC Chicago station WLS reported at the time.

A Bodycam video shows that Granton attempted to flee by climbing a fence when an officer on the other side opened fire. The young man falls, he writhes on the ground, and the officer tells him to "stay down" while pointing his gun at him. During this time a crowd gathers nearby.

"There's a weapon right there," one officer says to another. "Go get the weapon."

Another officer then climbed to the other side of the fence as a bystander calls out to Granton.

"Hey, Maurice!" the bystander yells multiple times.

Multiple officers went over to Granton, but did not administer aid for several minutes.

The police officers said Granton allegedly displayed a weapon when the officers ordered him to stop, forcing them to shoot in response.

After the shooting, the police department released a surveillance video that they said showed him reaching into his pocket for a weapon. It is unclear what the person in the video was actually reaching for.

Police said a weapon was found on the scene, but the victim's family said it did not belong to Granton.

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner, Granton was shot in the back.

Granton's father, Maurice Granton Sr., told reporters that "at no point" was his son armed, adding that there was no confrontation between him and the officers either.

The Chicago Police Department said it is "fully cooperating" with COPA's investigation of the shooting.

"We continue to provide COPA with any and all requested information and fully support their methodical review of the facts," the statement read. "As of this time, COPA has not requested that any of the officers involved be relieved of police powers."

Granton's family intends to file a civil lawsuit against the police department.

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