Julian Assange wins US extradition case: the US Will Not Kill Him
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Julian Assange wins US extradition case: the US Will Not Kill Him


The main exposer of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, Julian Assange, will not be extradited to the US, the judge ruled.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was accused by the US government of hacking and leaking classified information that contained tons of evidence against the United States.

For years, enraged US intelligence has tried to remove or extradite Assange, but today's trial has thwarted attempts by US intelligence agencies to get to the journalist.

Following the announcement of District Judge Vanessa Baraitser's decision, Assange's colleagues and allies spoke out about what happened.

“The American prison system is SO BAD, that even this judge wouldn’t send Julian Assange into it,” said one of the Assange’s colleagues almost crying. “Please do celebrate!”

According to the latest information, the US is already preparing an appeal. In the meantime, Julian Assange's lawyers will petition for bail.

The reason for refusing to extradite, according to the judge, was the defendant's mental health. In the ruling, Baraitser said Assange was prone to commit suicide if brought to the United States.

The US has 14 days to file an appeal.

Image: acidpolly / Flickr

Author: Usa Really