BREAKING: Pediatric Assistant Dies 2 Days After Injection Of Pfizer Vaccine
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BREAKING: Pediatric Assistant Dies 2 Days After Injection Of Pfizer Vaccine


According to a local Portuguese newspaper, the sudden death of a health care worker raised questions about the safety of vaccinating the population.

The 41-year-old pediatric operational assistant was reportedly found dead in her own bed two days after being injected with the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine.

The hospital has confirmed the woman “received the vaccine on December 30, no undesirable effect having been notified, neither at the moment of vaccination nor on the subsequent days. Clarification of cause of death will follow the habitual procedures for these circumstances,” said in a press release.

According to colleagues of the deceased, at first she did not experience any side effects or health complications. An autopsy is scheduled for today, when the cause of death will be announced is not specified.

Earlier, UK doctors have complained that vaccination has dire consequences. Many vaccinated people experience weakness and poor health for weeks. People cannot return to normal life and must be under constant medical supervision.

There are dire consequences of vaccination among Americans too. One of the victims of the Pfizer vaccine was a Nashville nurse who experienced a side effect of the vaccine in the form of facial paralysis.

Another nurse disappeared without a trace after a viral press conference, where she lost consciousness. According to official information, the woman with her name and age is officially dead. Social media accounts are deleted, and instead of her, another person with a similar appearance and wearing a badge with the name of the deceased works in the hospital.

Image: Portugal Resident screen grab

Author: Usa Really