Former FBI Director Will Track Propaganda Promoters
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Former FBI Director Will Track Propaganda Promoters


LAS VEGAS – May 26, 2018

Former U.S. FBI Director James Comey said that social media companies needed to "worry" about foreign political propaganda on their networks.

He would be leery of those wanting to do propaganda in the United States and take action against it.

"I don't have a great answers or ideas how to counter it," said Comey about social media companies including Facebook and Twitter, which was a Russian-sponsored effort to help President Donald Trump win the 2016 USA election.

Later Trump fired Comey as he thought the FBI's failed to counter Russia's election meddling.

But Comey said the FBI should not get involved in fighting propaganda because it is a “rule-bound institution,” with strict policies that serve as an appropriate check on its power.

He added that he couldn't comment others claim, which discussed this week by Trump and Republican supporters in Congress.

James Comey is best known in Silicon Valley for leading an Obama Administration charge against strong end-to-end encryption.

Comey said his goal was a process under which companies would grant authorities to access only according to strict standards of due process, such as relying on independent judges. If the companies refused "back-door" access until the other countries changed their legal system, «it would be good for the people of China and Russia.»


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