Idaho Inmates in Hacking Scandal
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Idaho Inmates in Hacking Scandal

Charlie Litchfield

BOISE, ID – July 27, 2018

No less than 364 inmates in one Idaho prison have been accused of hacking the vulnerable software of ordinary users to get money, local media reports. They are said to have “mined” almost a quarter of a million dollars.

The department's special investigations unit discovered the problem earlier this month, and the improper conduct involved no taxpayer dollars, Idaho Department of Corrections spokesman Jeff Ray said on Thursday.

The hand-held computer tablets are popular in prisons across the country, and they are made available to Idaho inmates through a contract with CenturyLink and JPay. The tablets allow inmates to email their families and friends, purchase and listen to music or play simple electronic games.

The investigation in this case is still ongoing.

Author: USA Really