Toxic Waters in Oregon
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Toxic Waters in Oregon

YouTube/ Rich Hersey

HUNTINGTON, OR – July 27, 2018

Inhabitants of the town of Huntington, Oregon and nearby areas of Baker County have been told not to get too close to water, as toxic algae has been found there recently, local media reports.

Water in the Brownlee Reservoir, from the Spring Recreation Site to Brownlee Dam, has tested positive for cyanobacteria — which causes a blue-green algae bloom — according to news release this afternoon from Southwest District Health. Recent water samples “indicate high concentrations” of the blooms, which could make humans and animals sick, according to agency.

The blooms “are generally green, or blue-green, and may form thick mats along shorelines,” according to the release. “These may look like a surface scum, resembling pea soup and can have an unpleasant odor or stench.”

Officials say that neither boiling, nor filtering of water will do anything to help with this issue.

Author: USA Really