Rally Against Death Penalty Held in Nebraska
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Rally Against Death Penalty Held in Nebraska

Gwyneth Roberts

LINCOLN, NE – July 27, 2018

Nebraska activists held a rally against the state's death penalty, local media reports.

One of the activists, Lisa Knopp, has known condemned Nebraska inmate Carey Dean Moore for 23 years. Early afternoon on Thursday, she stood in front of the governor's mansion with about 30 other death penalty opponents showing their disapproval of Nebraska's scheduled execution of Moore.

She carried a sign: "We remember the victims but not with more killing." She didn't want to elaborate on Moore's decision to stop fighting his execution, scheduled for Aug. 14, but she did say that the entire time she's known him he's been weary of the process, exhausted by it.

The Death penalty is a matter of controversy all over the U.S., but especially in Nebraska, since local groups are willing to hold more and more rallies, in an attempt to force the governor to abolish the practice.

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