6 GOP Lawmakers Were Among Rioters
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6 GOP Lawmakers Were Among Rioters


Six Republican lawmakers were seen in the crowd storming the Capitol building. Law enforcement agencies report that if proven guilty, the maximum sentence will be up to 20 years.

Tennessee state lawmaker Terri Lynn Weaver was inspired by the attempted coup, calling the event “epic and historic day”. Now Twitter users have included her other officials in the list of traitors and conspirators.

West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans was filmed right in the thick of things. Moreover, he posted a joyful video directly from the Capitol building, but later deleted it, The New York Times reported. Nevertheless, part of the video was found.

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase initially accused the police of killing a woman while trying to break through armed guards. Chase also vehemently denied that the violence took place during the rally. After the protesters were driven out of the Capitol, Chase tried to justify the takeover by arguing that people were backed in a corner.

Another lawmaker, Missouri State Representative Justin Hill skipped his swearing-in ceremony and went to protest at the Capitol building instead. According to the St Louis Post-Dispatch, Hill Hill did not participate in the siege and was merely an observer.

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano and Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock organized a bus caravan of Trump supporters to stage a violent protest.

Democrats in state capitals and in Washington have demanded the immediate resignation of all GOP lawmakers involved in the Capitol riots.

“Any Republican legislator who took part in yesterday’s insurrection, in Washington, D.C. or anywhere else in the country, should resign immediately,” said Jessica Post, who heads the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “Yesterday was a stain on our country’s history and a dangerous affront to democracy — all those involved have no place making laws."

Image: Global look press / Rod Lamkey - CNP 

Author: Usa Really