McDonald's Worker Beats a Customer Mercilessly for Trying to Get Free Soda
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McDonald's Worker Beats a Customer Mercilessly for Trying to Get Free Soda


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — July 27, 2018

It happened after a McDonald's customer allegedly tried to fill up a free water cup with free soda. The restaurant's worker shut down the soda machine "because she wasn’t letting her get a free soda", said Nevada resident Marie Dayag.

Dayag's Facebook page says she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was born in San Mateo, California. It is not known at exactly which location the fight took place.

The video brawl was posted to Facebook and Instagram by Dayag, who said the fight started when the customer tried to put soda in a free water cup.

The fight broke out after the customer hurled a milkshake at the employee.

The customer can also be heard saying "that's why your a** is behind the f***ing counter" before throwing French fries across the restaurant. She can also be heard repeatedly shouting "fight me".

At this point, the McDonald's worker storms toward the woman, the customer picked up a metal tray and hits her in the head with it, but the woman barely notices.

Instead, the worker grabs the customer by the hair and begins to punch her in the face. She then picks the woman up and throws her over a nearby table.

They are eventually separated as another McDonald's worker tries to move the customer away.

Nonetheless the brawl soon resumes.

At one point the staff member suddenly begins shouting "my momma ain't dead, you respect my momma," though it is not clear what this is in reference to.

The customer also picks up a chair and gestures as if she is about to hit the employee, but is quickly disarmed having apparently given up all hope of winning.

It is not clear how the incident ended. But it is known that the other McDonald's employee who had tried to separate them earlier also called the police at the scene. It seems unlikely that this worker will have a chance of being hired in another McDonald's anytime soon.


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