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The U.S. Capitol Riot Podcast


Hi guys! We went back to the podcast and decided to cover the recent attack on Democracy, namely the riots and the capture of the Capitol building.

Less than a week we entered 2021, the United States changed the course not only in a political way, but also in a social way.

Under President Trump, the Antifa movement, along with Black Lives Matter, organized riots, robberies, fights with police and seizures of police stations, followed by their burning.

When, after another destroyed monument, the US president made accusations against “peaceful protesters,” the entire democratic retinue pounced on him and demanded him to kneel.

Now that the new president is already on the doorstep of the White House, the far-right forces did exactly the same as their predecessors, albeit from destruction, there were only smashed windows, a few broken chairs and sofas in the offices of Congressmen, compared to hundreds of millions of dollars after the Antifa marches.

And while racial inequality is an extremely sensitive topic, and in no case should the fight against racism be stopped, fair elections and the integrity of the United States are, in my opinion, equally important.

If you do not take into account, just for a second, the 5 killed during the capture of the Capitol, at the end it was their conscious choice, they themselves are to blame.

So that's what I'm talking about, and if you don't take into account the 5 dead, then this whole riot was a demonstration of the uselessness of the US defense capability even amid its own country and a demonstration of absolute and total distrust of Congress and the government.

Judge for yourself, the invaders broke into the Capitol and did not even burn it, which is routine for Antifa. The Proud Boys took selfies with the building guards, photographed Pelosi's office and smeared the walls with poop.

And now about the consequences, Donald Trump, less than two weeks away as US President, is facing impeachment AGAIN. The second time! And that's because he didn't condemn the rioters and simply like a daddy to his misbehaving children told them to go home.

In addition to the ridiculous impeachment, a number of GOP representatives were directly in the storming crowd. Should we expect them to be jailed? The answer is NO! Demand to be fired.

There have also been speculations that Antifa members were among Trump's supporters. But there is no proof. I agree that the methods of proving rightness are similar, but I think that both of them will disdain to be in the same movement.


Author: Usa Really