The Chinese Military Sponsored US Universities Involved In Cyber Attacks And Espionage
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The Chinese Military Sponsored US Universities Involved In Cyber Attacks And Espionage


According to a report by The Washington Free Beacon, for many years, CCP has sponsored US Universities, whose employees have been convicted of spying and cyber attacks on the US government. The total number of cash injections is nearly $ 90 million between 2014 and 2019.

“Duke University operates a joint-campus in China with Wuhan University, a public university that repeatedly carried out cyber attacks on behalf of the Chinese military. Northwestern University and the University of California Irvine have together received more than $4 million in research funding from an entity controlled by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, a Chinese defense contractor that used stolen designs of American F-35 fighters to build planes for the Chinese military,” The Free Beacon reports.

US President Donald Trump has actively promoted the idea of refusing to cooperate with China on all fronts. During the four years of Trump's rule, the Communist Party was the main opponent of the US presidential administration.

Now that Donald Trump is living his last days in the presidency, China has stepped up its embedded spies, including developing a vaccine.

According to the latest audit by the US Department of Education, more than 6.5 billion foreign money has not been disclosed by universities. Ian Easton, the senior director for the Project 2049 Institute think tank, sees Chinese money as a threat.

"It is imperative that the U.S. government dams up the torrent of CCP-linked money currently flowing into our education system. For U.S. national security, the implications of a continuation of the current arrangement are grave," Easton told the Free Beacon.

According to The Free Beacon, 198 organizations affiliated with the Communist Party have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the US education system over the years, resulting in highly qualified professionals in all industries.

Image: Abayomi Azikiwe / Flickr

Author: Usa Really