NJ Undercover Cop Gunned Down Unarmed Black Man With "His Hands Up"
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NJ Undercover Cop Gunned Down Unarmed Black Man With "His Hands Up"


The New Jersey Police Department did not disclose details of the murder of a black man on New Year's Eve.

Witnesses say 39-year-old Carl Dorsey III was shot dead in Newark, arms raised and unarmed, reported.

The Attorney General’s Office today released the identity of the officer who fired his service weapon at Mr. Dorsey. He is Detective Rod Simpkins of the Newark Police Department.

In their statement about the incident, the police only mentioned that 2 pistols were found at the scene of the shooting, but no explanation was given to whom they belonged and whether they were seized from the victim.

“According to the preliminary investigation, the shooting occurred shortly after midnight near Woodland Avenue and South 11th Street in Newark, N.J. Officers on patrol responded to the area. During the incident, Detective Simpkins fired his 9mm service weapon, striking Mr. Dorsey. Officers provided medical aid to Mr. Dorsey and he was transported by emergency medical personnel to University Hospital in Newark, where he was pronounced deceased at 1:37 am,” the police report states.

According to the Newark AntiViolence Coalition, multiple witnesses claim that Dorsey was complying with the police at the time he was shot. Dorsey “had his hands up and was backing away from the officer when he was shot,” a press release from the Newark AntiViolence Coalition said in an email sent to NewsOne.

Image: @BeccaPanico / twitter

Author: Usa Really