Group of hackers archived all Parler data before the platform is gone
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Group of hackers archived all Parler data before the platform is gone


In the wake of the blocking and suspending of Twitter and Facebook accounts after the Capitol riots, a group of people like knew beforehand that the same fate was expecting Parler accounts and they have archived all of this social network, including posts on the site, location data, and more.

Parler was reportedly the platform with the help of which the rioters planned to capture the Capitol Building on January 6.

According to user donk_enby, the one of those who saved the data, she did it to save it for future researchers as soon as she found out that three IT giants, Apply, Google and Amazon would no longer host Parler.

“These are the original, unprocessed, raw files as uploaded to Parler with all associated metadata,” she told Gizmodo.

Some of the data included GPS coordinates of video uploaded on the site, which could be used as an evidence for authorities.

Donk_enby’s twitter comment has one from a grateful user who called her a f***g hero for doing that.

"As little as I know about this stuff, I can recognize you're a fucking hero," one person commented "It may not get recognized on the scale it deserves, but this seems vital to holding these ppl accountable."

“I want this to be a big middle finger to those who say hacking shouldn’t be political,” donk_enby told Gizmodo of her work.

Author: Usa Really