Former Michigan Governor charged in Flint water crisis
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Former Michigan Governor charged in Flint water crisis


Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has been charge with willful neglect of duty in Flint water crisis, officials said.

Court document say that in 2014 the city switched its water supply to the Flint River to save money in the period when Flint was in a financial state of emergency. The switch was an attempt to save the city millions of dollars.

In 2014 Snyder was a governor.

The Flint River water turned out to be more corrosive than Lake Huron from which the city gathered water before the switch. The pipes were also not treated properly and the lead leaked into the river.

The residents started noticing problems with the water. Some families reported of the color of the water which sometimes came out yellow or blue. Five families in 2016 say they began to lose hair and weight.

Eventually, it led to the death of twelve people who had drunk the water poisoned with lead.

After that, the city faced an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease also caused by the lead in the water. For about a year, the state government denied that there was something wrong with the water, while thousand other families were trying to file lawsuits but failed.

The more details in the case will be known after a new press conference on Thursday, according to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.   

"We believe there is no evidence to support any criminal charges against Governor Snyder," A lawyer for ex-Gov. Snyder said.

 Snyder’s health director and other former officials are also expected to be charged.    

Author: Usa Really