Seattle's Mayor Jenny Durkan Proposes to Lock Up Guns
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Seattle's Mayor Jenny Durkan Proposes to Lock Up Guns


SEATTLE - May 26, 2018

According the legislation gun owner's will be penalized $500 to $10,000 for failing to lock up their firearms and exposing dangers children or at-risk people. It will be a civil infraction to store a gun without locked container.

“The level of gun violence in our communities is not normal, and we can never think it is inevitable. We — especially our children — should not have to live like this,” said Durkan.

The change would only apply to guns kept somewhere, rather than those carried by or under the control of owners or authorized users.

The legislation also would also for those owner who knows or should know that a minor, an “at-risk persons is likely to access the weapon but then fails to prevent that from happening.

The council will be considered the move during a year.

A week ago, a 17 year old shooter with a pistol obtained from his father opened  fire at a Houston school, killing 10 people. The same story happened in Texas.

For a storage infraction under the new legislation, Seattle would impose a fine of up to $500, and for an access-prevention infraction, a fine of up to $1,000.


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