Bus In New York Almost Fell Off The Overpass
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Bus In New York Almost Fell Off The Overpass


According to the latest information, 12 people received injuries of varying severity while inside a tandem bus that broke through a fence on an overpass in New York and remained hanging.

Rescuers are working to clear the passage.

The police believe that the driver lost control, which led to the accident. According to another version, the failure of the brakes was the cause of the disaster.

“We assessed and treated a total of eight patients from this accident. The bus fell approximately 50 feet onto the access road. The patients suffered injuries consistent with a fall from such a great height,” FDNY Deputy Chief Paul Hopper said.

The crash caused the temporary closure of the westbound lanes of the Cross Bronx Expressway in the area of the Major Deegan Expressway, WCBS Radio reported.

Image: youtube screen grab

Author: Usa Really