BREAKING: China Printed 5M Ballots And Sent Them To the US
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BREAKING: China Printed 5M Ballots And Sent Them To the US


Florida, Michigan and North Carolina received about 5 million ballots, printed in China, a Chinese whistleblower reports 4 days before Joe Biden's inauguration.

FBI, DHS and mainstream media ignores all the evidences of illegal ballots cast and other irregularities happened during presidential elections in November 2020.

The informer posted tweets pointing to specific Counties to which millions of fake ballots were sent.

Also in the posts of the informant the original source of the news is indicated.

In the midst of the vote, another Chinese insider stepped forward with suspicions of the massive ballot stuffing in Detroit, but, then and now, the US authorities are not paying attention.

Further evidence was provided by analyst  Jovan Pulitzer, who hacked the Dominion live. He has already drawn public attention to the fact that a massive portion of the ballots were printed outside the United States.

The Navarro Report compiled every irregularity observed during the presidential election, including Michigan, which received the lion's share of China's printed ballots.

Author: Usa Really