Alex Jones speaks out and urges Trump supporters to avoid attending dangerous inauguration protests
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Alex Jones speaks out and urges Trump supporters to avoid attending dangerous inauguration protests


InfoWars host and the right-wing radio host Alex Jones urged people to avoid attending the Biden’s inauguration due to the possibility of dangerous protests.

Jones called for de-escalation during his online talking to Summit News pointing out that this is needed to stop the unrest.

“This is a message to everybody that you don’t have any types of free speech,” Jones said. “I want to be extremely clear here and I want all the listeners, please listen to me because I don’t want real Marshall law and real authoritarian oppression to come out of the inauguration of Joe Biden next week, I want people to understand that.”

“Biden and the globalists know they’re unpopular, they know their agenda is unpopular. They need to change the subject from all the election anomalies and all the issues and his connection to China and his son and the rest of it to domestic violence and Trump supporters being an outlawed group that they say they want to crash, they want to destroy, they want to punish.”

“They said they want to level us after they got rid of Trump.”

Jones also clarified again that Trump didn’t order the storming of the U.S Capitol on January 6 and the Trump supporters and the minority of them were set up. He mentioned that Trump was out saying, “don’t be violent, don’t come to D.C., don’t do this, this isn’t who we are.” And jones didn't lead the mos to the storming but was a voice of reason at that rally that eventually turned into a violent siege and ended up with death of five people.

According to Jones, Trump knew that they had globalist operatives in Washington D.C. on that tragic day deliberately putting out the wrong information “to try to get people to storm government mansions, to attack Capitols and to be set up.

“I want trump supporters to understand that violence is not the answer.”

Watch Jones’ full talk below. You can find the answers to many questions you might want to know about the siege of the U.S. Caitol and about the upcoming inauguration.

Author: Usa Really