12 BLM Protesters Arrested For Blocking Seattle Interstate
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12 BLM Protesters Arrested For Blocking Seattle Interstate


Seattle police have arrested a group of Black Lives Matter activists for an unsanctioned rally in the middle of Northbound I-5 near Yesler Way. According to eyewitnesses and police, the protesters joined hands and lined up across the entire width of the interstate.

“A total of 12 arrested and will be booked. Roadway is clear. Great job by WA State Patrol troopers who responded and took care of this situation. Thanks for those in the backup for your patience,” Trooper Rick Johnson wrote on twitter.

In addition to the arrests of activists, two cars allegedly belonging to protesters were also impounded.

The initials BLM, which typically is the abbreviation used for Black Lives Matter, was seen painted on the highway. “Demand Justice” was also written on the highway under BLM, reports CBS17.

Image: youtube screen grab

Author: Usa Really