National Guard Corporal Charged After He Pissed Pelosi’s Toilet
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National Guard Corporal Charged After He Pissed Pelosi’s Toilet


The Virginia National Guard corporal was arrested and charged after the FBI found his private texting with a friend. The feds highlighted three videos in which off-duty Rocky Mount Police Officer Jacob Fracker brags about peeing in Nancy Pelosi's toilet.

“Turning the camera towards himself, Fracker hits his chest multiple times,” the FBI warrant application describes Fracker’s actions in video. “Fracker tells his Facebook friend, ‘Shit was wild lol I pissed in Nancy P’s toilet.’”

In the other two clips, Fracker storms the Capitol with a crowd of other people. The feds later found out, the recipient of these messages was identified as Thomas Robertson.

One of Fracker's last messages was a description of his condition during the storming of the Capitol, where he assesses the situation with the war in Afghanistan, where he previously served.

“We did hahaha it was fucking amazing,” he allegedly wrote. “Flash bangs going off, CS gas, rubber bullets flying by. Felt so good to be back in the shit hahaha I was like 8th person inside the building, shit was fuckin LIT...I haven’t been that hyped up since fuckin Nowzad hahaha,” Fracker wrote.

According to Fracker’s written statement, his actions that day were an “expression of grief against what very many Americans would consider tyranny,” The Roanoke Times reported.

“My entire adult life has been dedicated to protecting my fellow Americans. I’ve never once cared about skin color, religion, political views, sexual orientation or anything. Americans are Americans, we bleed the same,” he wrote. “I have fought against terrorists who threatened our way of life. I’ve put away drug dealers who would have seen to our children getting addicted to their product just so they could make a buck.”

Both men are now free on $15,000 bond.

Author: Usa Really