A Police Officer in Florida Shot a Child Nine Times and Yet, the Court Has Decided That His Actions Were Justified
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A Police Officer in Florida Shot a Child Nine Times and Yet, the Court Has Decided That His Actions Were Justified

USA Really

Marcelo Sánchez especially for USA Really.

Here, on this sidewalk, you can feel the innocent life wasted away by bullets, which came suddently and without provocation. Here, in between candles and memories, is the blood of Sebastian Gregory. 2012, a child: 16 years old and just coming from a fishing trip with his dad. He was walking back home. Suddenly, a policeman decided to kill him for what looks like no reason at all, other than simple lust for violence. Nine shots. Seven to Sebastian's back.

Andrés Gregory, Sebastián's father, says: “He was just walking here. Everything just happened here on May 28, 2012 around 3:30 in the morning. The day before I was fishing with him. That was a nice day on a boat. And from one second his life changed. And, remember, he was 16. We’re talking about a kid…”.

This is the coward “slash /” policeman who did this: Luis Peres. Believe it or not, Sebastian survived the bullets. Peres was acquited by a federal court just last week, and to add insult to injury, he may be able to remain a policeman after all.

Amalia Villafane-Gregory, Sebastián's mother, says: “I still can’t understand, he was a child. Where is the justice? My son didn’t do anything wrong. He was walking, he was going back home. At the court they didn’t let me speak and tell them about my son. The jury didn’t want to listen, the judge didn’t want to consider. I will not give up my hope and my fight to get justice for Sebastian. I don’t know where I will go next, but I will fight for justice for my son”.

Meanwhile for Sebastian and his family, life has become a living hell. In 2016, after dozens and dozens of surgeries and unbeareable pain, Sebastian decided to take his own life. The pain was just too much. Little did he know that his family would keep on fighting for him.

Sebastian's story is not the first of its kind. In the US, the police are killing citizens and residents by the thousands. As we speak, somewhere in the US, somebody is being killed by a police officer. First they shoot you, then, they ask you the questions, while you die in the street.

Cari Casañas, activist, says: “I think it comes back to what I’ve said – racism, white supremacy, we still live in a colonial society, where there are first class, second class, and if you’re Latino – this is against you, if you’re Black – this is against you”.

In fact, according to The Washington Post, as of 2018, law enforcement have killed around 600 people. The same report says that in 2017, the police murdered almost ONE THOUSAND people. Most of the victims, were either Black or Brown.

Andrés Gregory, Sebastián's father, says: “I hope this doesn’t happen to any teen, but if you just go down the street and they think you do something, they kill you. And that’s what happened to Sebastian”.

Some say that there are two types of law: One made by men, the other, made by God. And according to the adaptation of the laws of men, the Sebastian's killer may be free for now. But in God's Law, Sebastian's blood stays here, in the sidewalk, and reminds us to seek justice, in this life, or in the next one.


Author: USA Really