Ebola on the Doorstep: Denver Patient Isolated After Ebola Outbreak
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Ebola on the Doorstep: Denver Patient Isolated After Ebola Outbreak

Ahmed Jallanzo

DENVER, COLORADO — July 30, 2018

A Denver resident was exposed to Ebola and now is quarantined. Denver Health officials said that he recently traveled to Central Africa and returned to the United States a couple of days ago.

He became very sick Sunday morning, according to health officials. Since then he was brought to the hospital. At first, he was in fair condition, but a few days later, he felt higher temperature, headache, weakness, and giddiness.

Emergency crews were seen in hazmat-like suits entering the building Sunday afternoon. The hospital is operating as normal, and officials say there is no threat to the public, including patients and staff.

Officials said the region the patient visited hasn’t had an Ebola case for more than 45 days, so it's too early to tell if it actually is Ebola.

“The symptoms can mimic a lot of common illnesses… anything from the flu to appendicitis,” said Connie Price, an infectious diseases physician and Chief Medical Officer of Denver Health.

According to the latest analysis, tests for Ebola came back negative.

“From an initial review of the situation and the symptoms presented by the patient, it is unlikely that this will be confirmed as an Ebola case,” she added.

In December 2014, doctors faced an increase in cases of the epidemic Ebola virus, with four substantiated cases. There had been 11 cases in total; all patients were hospitalized in an infectious diseases Department.

Denver Health is working with several agencies including the state health department. Denver Health is one of 10 regional facilities designated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to care for patients with Ebola.

In May 2018, a World Health Organization spokesman Peter Salama announced that the Ebola outbreak could spread beyond the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He noted that there was a potential threat of spread outside the country, even though the risk was low.

"We're very concerned and prepared for every single possible situation, including the worst," Salama said.

Earlier it was reported that the Democratic Republic of the Congo Ministry of Health confirmed the new outbreak of Ebola. At least 17 people have already died in the North-West of the country.

The Ebola Outbreak is a continuing problem in West Africa. Thousands have perished from Ebola while the region as a whole has experienced economic difficulties as a result of the outbreak. In 1976 Dr. Peter Piot of Belgium and his colleagues were the first people to identify Ebola.

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