Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real! Unhinged Media Increase Politically Induced Stress
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Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real! Unhinged Media Increase Politically Induced Stress


WASHINGTON, DC – July 31, 2018

On Sunday President Trump unleashed a tirade against the media in which he labeled reporters "unpatriotic" for reporting on the inner workings of the government.

In a series of tweets, the president singled out The New York Times and The Washington Post for writing "bad stories" about his administration, which he likened to "[selling] out" the country.

"90% of media coverage of my Administration is negative, despite the tremendously positive results we are achieving, it’s no surprise that confidence in the media is at an all time low!" Trump tweeted.


The establishment media's bias not only leaves Americans misinformed and distrustful, but the level of hysteria being foisted upon Americans on a daily basis by the media is also inciting a very dangerous wave of "unstable people" who are now threatening conservatives, GOP lawmakers, and their children.

There is a direct correlation between the hysteria being created by the media and the death threats being made against lawmakers and their children. The Media are outraged almost every single day about one thing or another, and they in turn incite the same level of outrage among their unhinged viewers and listeners who are in many cases quite unstable. 

The most disturbing part about this is that the unhinged media appears to be doing it deliberately, perhaps because the lion's share of key figures in major news companies are either married or have family ties to high-ranking Democrats?

In early July a man was arrested after threatening to kill Senator Rand Paul, and to "chop up" his family.

During a stop in Leitchfield in western Kentucky, Paul said a man threatened to kill him and “chop up” his family with an ax. 

The Republican lawmaker says it’s “just horrendous” that political leaders have to “deal with things like this.”

The media hysteria over the repeal of Net Neutrality, incited a man to send three threatening emails to the Federal Communication Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, because of his role in repealing the Obama-era rules. The emails were sent by a man named Markara Man, and according to court documents, included the following threat: "I will find your children and I will kill them."

In another message, Man accused Pai of being responsible for a child’s suicide. A third message contained a photo of the chairman and a framed photo with his family, officials said.

Federal agents traced the emails to Man’s home in Norwalk, near Los Angeles, and questioned him in May. He confessed to sending the emails under the handle "" because it sounded "tougher," Politico reported, citing court documents.

Pai was quoted by The Hill as saying this crosses a line, continuing on to state "I understand that people are passionate about policy, but the one thing in America that should remain sacred is that families, wives and kids, should remain out of it. And stop harassing us at our homes.

In June a Florida man was arrested after threatening Republican Representative Brian Mast's children when he called the congressman's office and told an intern who answered the phone "I'm going to find the congressman's kids and kill them. If you are going to separate kids at the border, I'm going to kill his kids."

U.S. President Donald Trump's name comes up an awful lot when Americans discuss their politics-related anxiety with their therapists. They even put forward a special term. They call it “Trump Anxiety Disorder” and the CBC report regarding the issue admits it is the same malady that Conservatives and Trump supporters call "Trump Derangement Syndrome." It is not an official diagnosis, but therapists know the symptoms.

The symptoms include "a loss of control and helplessness, and fretting about what's happening in the country and spending excessive time on social media." Clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning of Evanston, Ill., coined the term "Trump Anxiety Disorder," and said the "intense consumption of media coverage of this presidency is making some people's Trump-related anxiety worse," according to the CBC report.

 This Dr. Phil TDS video from June 28th by "Semi- Respectable Cartoons," is so spot on that almost every comment made by the "TDS" woman, is something I see every single day on Twitter by real liberals with TDS.

How does it work? Let me use a recent example. On a website called The Root, on July 27th, they published an opinion piece that has since been removed, headlined "Evidence Shows Hackers Changed Votes in the 2016 Election But No One Will Admit It." The reason it was removed is shown in the "Editors Note" which is now all that is left of that article except for the headline, which just has the word at the end.

When that piece is shared, because it is still an active link, minus the entire article other than the Editors Note, it still shows the original headline, and The Root's initial tweet sharing the article has not been removed, which claimed "U.S officials don’t specifically deny that Russian operatives altered votes, they say that there is no conclusive evidence to support it. That is simply not true."

Now The Root's initial share only garnered 80 retweets, so one would think the fake news was not spread too extensively, except, others started sharing it on their own accounts, such as Seth Abramson, who is listed as a "Legal and political analysis @CNN, @BBC, @CBS, @VanityFair" in his bio. Mr. Abramson shared the article, which again has been retracted, with his 519K followers, with a message attached stating, "There is COMPELLING circumstantial evidence suggesting votes were changed by Russian hackers and Trump may not have been elected president. The type of evidence discussed here is the same type of probative evidence used in EVERY criminal case. A MUST-READ."

His tweet was shared by over 6,000 people, and liked over 8,000 times.... on an article that no longer exists because it was taken down.
Multiple comments in his thread attempt to note the article is gone because it was fake news, others are screaming, and this is a direct quote by a user, "Yep!! But then what?? @HillaryClinton is the REAL PRESIDENT."

Other users with hundreds of thousands of followers also separately shared the same article, garnering tens of thousand more shares and people are still sharing it, despite the fact that there is no longer any article, because they just read the headline. The former  chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, also shared that same article

That is just one recent example of how the MSM, along with Democratic politicians, are using social media to incite and inflame liberals, using bogus news to misinform their followers, creating conditions where liberals are freaking out, which in turn stresses them out, and voila, "Trump Anxiety Syndrome," aka Trump Derangement Syndrome, spreads.

This explains the following numbers reported in the original CBC report about "Trump Anxiety Syndrome," aka Trump Derangement Syndrome:

According to the APA, a person's political affiliation can affect their risk of anxiety. About 26 per cent of Republicans polled post-election considered "the political climate" to be a source of stress, compared to 72 percent of Democrats who felt the same way.

The examples detailed regarding the 26 percent of Republicans, showing that Trump supporters face hostile liberal leaning family members, or they are "scared of getting pounced on by somebody who doesn't like me because of Trump, just online." 

Gale said she once got so drawn into the "vitriol" from liberal critics online that she had an anxiety attack.

Especially "disheartening" to Gale was being labelled a "racist" and "fascist" for supporting the president's policies.

Therapists around the country told CBC they're seeing politically tinged anger and anxiety from patients no matter their political affiliation.

In Columbus, Miss., John Hawkins's LGBTQ clients have opened up about their worries "that their marriages might be voided," while Trump supporters in his sessions worry that liberals are trying to thwart a president who is "doing the best he can."

Democratic politicians, along with the media’s talking heads, with consistent hostility and vitriol replacing any attempt to report "news," constantly claim that President Trump is divisive, but the mental health experts quoted, see the media, excessive social media usage, and the constant flow of deliberately "bad" news, as the reason that America is becoming such a stressed and divided nation

Author: USA Really