SpaceX's Starship fails to land and explodes during experimental launch
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SpaceX's Starship fails to land and explodes during experimental launch


The SpaceX’s Starship prototype Serial Number 9 was launched in Boca Chica, Texas, on Tuesday but exploded during an attempt of landing.

The Starship reportedly reached about 6 miles (more than 31,600 feet) before exploding. The previous experimental launch of the Starship prototype Serial Number 8 had nearly the same success but exploded after it reached about 40,000 feet altitude.

The video of the failed landing attempt of Serial Number (SN 9) was uploaded SpaceX YouTube channel and then shared on all social media.  

"We had, again, another great flight up ... we’ve just got to work on that landing a little bit,” said SpaceX principal integration engineer John Insprucker following the event, as reported by CNBC.

Congrats to @SpaceX for successfuly launching and ALMOST landing #SN9! Incredible launch!

“So all told, another great [flight] -- and a reminder, this is a test flight, the second time we’ve launched starship in this configuration,” he remarked. “We’ve got a lot of good data, and [achieved] the primary objective to demonstrate control of the vehicle and the subsonic reentry.”

"The FAA will oversee the investigation of today's landing mishap involving the SpaceX Starship SN9 prototype in Boca Chica, Texas," the agency said on Tuesday. "Although this was an uncrewed test flight, the investigation will identify the root cause of today's mishap and possible opportunities to further enhance safety as the program develops."

The explosion will be investigated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency.

The SpaceX say the company is going to use the fully-developed rocked to transport up to 100 people at a time during mission to the Moon and Mars.

Author: Usa Really