Robots VS Mankind: Robot Restaurants in San Francisco
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Robots VS Mankind: Robot Restaurants in San Francisco

MIT Technology Review

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 31, 2018

Robots have already started their victorious march around the world. So far, there have been no acts of aggression between people and machines. Or maybe artificial intelligence is just waiting for instructions from above? Are we really waiting for the era of robots, and will we soon exchange places with the machines?

Robots play chess better the human do and even play Go. In 2016 the program Alpha Go, developed in 2015, learned to beat a man in this ancient Asian intellectual game that had been considered as impossible for computers to win in.  As of today robots can replace masons, drivers, waiters and even doctors.

In no time at all robots will cook for you and serve the food. Right now robot restaurants are popping up all over downtown San Francisco, as a futuristic option for people to grab fast food for cheap. The latest example is Creator, a robotic restaurant that specializes in making gourmet hamburgers with their all-in-one burger robots.

The restaurant is using a sophisticated machine to create the freshest possible burger. The machine cuts the bun, applies the sauce, grinds and cooks the meat, and even chops fresh vegetables to put on top. All for only $6 a burger. Your first thought may be, “but what about the workers?” Robotic restaurants do still employ workers to load the machines, greet customers, and handle money so right now there isn’t too much concern. Plus, that burger looks damn delicious.

Unfortunately, mankind is facing a problem which can not be solved in the framework of existing economic and political models  - robots are getting smarter every year, and people remain static at best. It is not clear if robots will operate on abstract concepts or understand complex ideas, but the fact is that robots will replace people in simple professions, it is only a matter of time.

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