Is the Left Out to Destroy Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?
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Is the Left Out to Destroy Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?


When I first heard about AOC’s win against Crowley, I was somewhat stunned.

Here was what seemed a tough no nonsense girl from the Barrio ready to put a beat down on the Democratic Party and challenge the Republicans in the House.

This lady came seemingly outta nowhere.

Is the Left Out to Destroy Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?

She looks good and fairly attractive, great exuberant smile.

She is brown enough.

She had a nice sounding major on her degree, International Relations.

She has a bit of political pedigree by having worked with a Kennedy (Teddy).

She had a great political ad that I found quite moving.

She issued as part of her war cry to abolish ICE.

She seemed to have it all and the war was on!

However what I didn’t notice was that the war was declared, but it was declared by the Democrats against her!

First, Pelosi dismissed her primary win by saying that it was just one election.

“They made a choice in one district,” Pelosi said. “So let’s not get yourself carried away as an expert on demographics and the rest of that within the caucus or outside the caucus.”

By that statement, the Democrats reaffirmed their aversion to real leftists by trying to do a Bernie on AOC.

Remember how the DNC screwed Bernie over because they were obsessed with putting Hilary in the White House and didn’t want his brand of leftism anywhere near the White House?

They didn’t want Bernie in their because he might really shake things up.

So history repeats itself all over again, but instead of Hilary and Bernie we get Joe and Alexandria.

The primary was won by AOC with a respectable but low turnout and according to the Red Elephants on Youtube, the Dems are probably hoping that in the general election, they can run a shadow, stealth campaign and get good ole Joe to pull an upset and KEEP his seat from the upstart AOC.

Let’s deal with the first issue.

Joe Crowley’s name is STILL on the ballot.

So that means he’s STILL running. 

Even though he might be lying through his teeth and he say’s he’s not.

Joe Crowley is now  on the ballot with the Working Families Party (WFP) as a candidate.

WFP state director Bill Lipton said Crowley refused to vacate the line he won in New York’s 14th Congressional District.

Joe is claiming innocence and giving the following reasons.

He claims he can’t be removed from the ballot and that it can only happen if:

  1. You move out of NYC
  2. Die.
  3. Is convicted of a crime.
  4. Accept a nomination for another office (in a place I don’t live).

Crowley doesn’t live in NYC, he and his family live in Virginia and he could remove his name from the ballot at any time, but he won’t.

So someone is lying.

Joe Crowley is part and parcel of the reportedly corrupt Pelosi DNC and they won’t let anyone interfere with their mafia.

Is the Left Out to Destroy Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?

It seems that mafia and it’s broadcast MSM is going after her.

If you look at interviews and reports about her (AOC) it’s negative and they don’t do the usual editing or photoshoping like what they do with the gorgons Pelosi and Waters where they try to hide the unflattering profile or cut her off when these two senior citizens make gaffes.

Oh no AOC is being portrayed as nothing less than an idiot.

It’s sad to see how they manipulate the images to make it seem like she is self-destructing right before our very eyes.

I’m very sensitive to this type of quasi-demonization which is done by the legacy media.

They did it to Pym Fortuyn in Holland.

It was done relentlessly against Gaddafi in Libya and it is now being done against President Trump in the USA.

The results were that the first two ended up murdered as a result of the media hysteria and the third is constantly being threatened.

Is the Left Out to Destroy Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?

AOC, if you ever read this.  Yes, they are desperately trying to destroy you. 

It is that apparent.

Remember just because your paranoid doesn’t mean that your wrong.

AOC is being called a fraud and in one instance called petty.

A fraud due to claiming being from the barrio when she in fact grew up in a wealthy suburb.

Petty by an alleged former co-worker who states AOC stiffed her on tips owed while bartending,

However she isn’t taking it lying down.

Bernie has come to her aid and together they are fighting back and pushing for more progressive candidates.  It’s her best offense by joining with Bernie and associating herself with powerful figure like him.

Is the Left Out to Destroy Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?

I don’t fully support AOC and her policies (especially the abolish ICE nonsense), yet I don’t support bullies either and what they are doing to her is just that.

Yes, yes, she has put her foot in her mouth and royally messed up when asked about International Issues, it was painful to hear her screw up especially in lieu of the fact that she has a degree in INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, hello?

She has been seriously stepping in it in quite a few interviews and AOC is becoming the butt of jokes.

What she has said is now on the public record and is certainly going to hurt her in the future but just as the Right wants civility displayed towards them, their should be civility for AOC.

Let us not join the feeding frenzy, let the better angles of our nature prevail and not be a part of the DNC’s lynch mob against one of their own, because as we have seen with the Bernie Sanders case they will sabotage your campaign.

The fake pseudo liberals keep doing us a favor and continue to show us their true colors, informing us they are without virtue and honor.

Let’s us then take the moral high ground and judge a person not by a bad picture but through their actions and words taken within a proper context.

And Alexandria, you should keep watching your back or your gonna find yourself bartending for lot longer.

Author: Fernando Antonio Martinez Arauxo