Nevada police officer shot mother of two to protect partner: VIDEO
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Nevada police officer shot mother of two to protect partner: VIDEO


The mother of two was killed by the police during an altercation with officers. The woman reportedly suffered from a mental disorder and was armed with a kitchen knife.

The incident took place on February 4th in Northern California. Residents of the area reported a suspicious woman with two small children. When the police car arrived, the woman, identified as Ariella "Sage" Crawford, started yelling at the police.

"I know what you did to my babies," and "don't hurt my babies," Crawford can be heard saying in the video.

A moment later, the woman took out a knife and began to approach the officer, despite his requests to drop the knife. One of the officers took out a taser, and his partner took out his own weapon and fired several shots at Crawford.

The sheriff confirmed that the woman died in the hospital. Also, according to the latest information, the authorities were aware of the woman's mental health and should have called a mental health professional, the family of the deceased said.

"We have a critical incident, the goal of the Sheriff's Office is to be open and transparent," the office said in a statement when they released the footage.

"The investigation, led by the Nevada County District Attorney's Office at the request of Sheriff [Shannon] Moon, is still underway."

Author: Usa Really