Boeing 777 falls apart in the sky over Colorado
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Boeing 777 falls apart in the sky over Colorado


241 passengers of the airliner could watch the burning engine, the debris of which later landed on residential areas in Colorado.

Videos from the Boeing 777 cabin went viral after passengers posted them on social media right after landing.

Broomfield residents report that at some point it started to rain from metal debris. Several hundred kilogram pieces of the plane's engine casing were later found near residential buildings.

The National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the incident. At the moment, the cause of the breakdown of the aircraft is unknown. The plane made an emergency landing at Denver airport. According to the authorities, no casualties were identified on board.

The Broomfield Police Department asks anyone who finds the debris to “don’t touch or move” and “report to dispatch at 303.438.6400 ASAP.”

Image: @Legionoo7 

Author: Usa Really