Biden’s Money Bag Went To Prison For 12 Years
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Biden’s Money Bag Went To Prison For 12 Years


A Pakistani American who donated millions of dollars to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden has been found guilty on a number of charges and will spend the next 12 years behind bars, AP reported.

Imaad Zuberi fully confessed to illegal political donations of Democratic nominees. The list of charges includes tax evasion, lobbying high-level U.S. officials while working as a foreign agent and campaign finance violations.

Zuberi faces a $ 2 million fine and a $ 16 million in restitution, Politico reported.

A funny fact in this story is that the new US President Joe Biden uses Zuberi's money without a twinge of conscience, and does not intend to return it. Obama and Clinton have done exactly the same.

Some of Zuberi’s cooperation remains under seal. Phillips, citing national security interests, closed the courtroom for part of Thursday’s proceedings to discuss classified information Zuberi filed in an effort to reduce his sentence. Zuberi’s attorneys asked Phillips to credit him for a list of law enforcement leads and intelligence he provided to the federal government, according to people familiar with the court filings.

Imaad Zuberi was caught trying to finance Donald Trump's campaign. Among other things, court documents show a long list of foreign forces and money that were laundered through American politicians.

Zuberi, 50, is to report to prison on May 25.

Image: Brian Melley / TASS

Author: Usa Really