What Biden did in 1 month of presidency
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What Biden did in 1 month of presidency


Joe Biden's first month as president of the United States was extremely busy. Former Twitter user Savanah Hernandez summed up, for which her account with almost 200 thousand subscribers was blocked.

One of the most recent and highly controversial decisions of Biden and his administration was entry into the Paris Climate Agreement, where the consequences of the war for a "green future" are carefully hidden. To summarize, Americans, who are highly addicted on the oil and gas industry, will face an unprecedented rise in the price of all goods.

Biden's guards also caused a wave of outrage. Since the National Guard will secure Washington until the fall, the cost of this event will exceed 483 million taxpayer dollars.

At the same time, while several thousand soldiers are patrolling the US capital, Texas was caught in the epicenter of a snowstorm, for which neither the US government, nor social services, nor even the people were ready. And while people live in their own cars and receive over $ 10,000 in electricity bills, Biden prefers to defend the rights of transgender people, namely, to allow biological men to compete with women.

In addition, the constant criticism of former President Trump against the background of deaths from Covid-19 showed an equal indifference of the new US President in this matter. The number of deaths in a month exceeded the mark of 100 thousand people, despite the fact that Trump allegedly did not have a plan against the pandemic, and Biden and Harris have.

Finally, the Biden family once again did not dodge accusations of corruption in Ukraine. According to the conclusion of the Ukrainian court, Burisma admitted the fact of giving a bribe to Hunter Biden and his father, and instead of a prison cell, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine was fired for conducting the investigation.

Below is a full list of Biden's successes in the presidency from Savanah Hernandez, for which she was banned from all liberal social networks.

-Excused human rights violations by the CCP as “cultural norms”
-Allowed biological men to play in women’s sports
-Forced our military to sleep in freezing parking garages
-Spent 483 million in taxpayer dollars to keep the Natl guard in Washington DC
-Said minorities are too stupid to use the internet
-Put migrant kids in overflow facilities (aka “put kids in cages”)
-Raised gas prices by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline
-Put us back into the Paris Climate Accord
-Rejoined the WHO (who is tied to/covers for China)
-Lied about the COVID vaccine supply
-Started having Kamala make head of state calls for him
-Rescinded the “1776 commission” geared toward pro-America curriculum
-Hired the most useless press secretary our country has ever seen
-Normalized double masking
-Played Mario Kart

Image: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Author: Usa Really