New Mexico Governor spent 13 500 Taxpayers Dollars On Tequila and Vodka
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New Mexico Governor spent 13 500 Taxpayers Dollars On Tequila and Vodka


A recent report on embezzlement of officials in New Mexico caught the Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for abuse of office. According to published documents, Grisham spent 13,500 budget dollars on drinks and food for dinner parties.

“Receipts show more than $6,500 on groceries, from Wagyu beef and tuna steaks to several purchases of alcohol, including bottles of tequila, vodka, gin, wine and beer,” Santa Fe New Mexican reported. “Republican leaders pounced on the governor’s spending, noting the news comes after she handed out salary increases ranging from $7,500 to $12,000 to several employees in her office.”

The State Republicans were stunned by Governor Grisham's insolence. Some have suggested that a high-ranking official is underpaid and therefore needs to spend taxpayers' money on their own leisure.

"I didn’t realize the governor was so underpaid that she has to use discretionary money for things that she should be paying for herself," state House Minority Whip Rod Montoya, a Republican, told the New Mexican. "Legislators are all up here doing our job, and we’re doing it on per diem."

The governor’s spokesman, Tripp Stelnicki, tried to justify the Governor’s waste of other people's money, but only exacerbated the situation by saying that they had a party planned, and alcohol was purchased for the event, which was canceled, and the bottles were not uncorked.

Image: Eddie Moore / Global Look Press

Author: Usa Really