Oregon Independent Candidate Called Melania Trump “Hoebag” on Twitter
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Oregon Independent Candidate Called Melania Trump “Hoebag” on Twitter


SALEM, OR – August 1, 2018

Mark Roberts, an Independent candidate running for Congress in Oregon in the upcoming elections, has called the First Lady a “hoebag” on Twitter and hinted she worked “hourly”, like a prostitute, local media reports.


This kind of Twitter behavior displayed by Roberts is not new. He has a history of tweeting provocative replies and suggestive comments about women, including lawmakers and other public figures, such as Republican Nikki Haley and Democratic Senator from California Kamala Harris.

Jim Moore, a political science professor at Pacific University, said this may be the most attention Roberts will get all election cycle because he has no chance of unseating Rep. Greg Walden, the nine-time incumbent, in the 2nd Congressional District race. He hasn't raised money or reached out to voters like he needs to.

"If he wins, I'll sell my house and donate the money to charity," Moore said.

Author: USA Really