Texas Teen Was Arrested Because He Is Black And Jaywalking
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Texas Teen Was Arrested Because He Is Black And Jaywalking


Plano police arrested an 18-year-old Black guy on his way home. A victim of racial profiling claims that he spent the night in jail because of his skin color. The incident took place last week.

A bodycam video of one of the officers shows a teenager walking through snow-covered streets in a T-shirt from work to home. The teen was later identified as Rodney Reese, who was returning from a shift at Walmart.

To date, it is known that all charges have been dropped. However, preliminary, the charges were of traffic violations and resistance to arrest, as it later turned out the arrest was illegal.

According to the police, they received a call about an unknown black man wandering the streets, and they conducted a welfare check, as a result, the High School student was detained.

Police later said they were acting on instructions. According to the authorities, their actions were legitimate and they do not understand why society reacts in this way to the video. Meanwhile, the guy states that it was his skin color that was the reason for the arrest.


Author: Usa Really