Dominion Voting Machine Independent Forensics Claims "Secure and Accurate Elections" in Maricopa County
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Dominion Voting Machine Independent Forensics Claims "Secure and Accurate Elections" in Maricopa County


A forensic examination of the Dominion voting machines in Maricopa County, conducted simultaneously by two independent firms, showed that the allegations of a rigged election from Donald Trump were unfounded.

“Our form of government is built on the promise that every vote counts.  Following the 2020 General Election, some of our residents expressed concerns their ballots were not counted as intended,” said Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers, District 1.  “The firms we hired are the only two in the United States certified to do this work.  We asked them to go beyond what we had already done to ensure the integrity of our elections and beyond even the stringent requirements of state law.  We are releasing the results of those audits today so that the public can see what we see and know what we know: no hacking or vote switching occurred in the 2020 election.” 

Expertise included Source Code Tests, Malicious Software and Hardware Tests, Network and Internet Connectivity Tests, Accuracy Tests (Only in Pro V&V Scope of Work). As a result, on all four points, the experts did not reveal any violations.

“The work of these two qualified firms, combined with the work done by our Elections Department, confirms that 2.1 million ballots in the November election were counted as they were cast,” said Supervisor Clint Hickman, District 4.  “Our entire team put so much time and energy into running good elections in 2020.  These audits are an affirmation of everyone’s hard work and prove what my colleagues and I have been saying all along: our elections were run with integrity and the results we canvassed were accurate.”

The control group was selected 20% of Election Day Tabulators (each firm tested 10%), 100% of Central Count Tabulators, 100% of Election Management System work stations and servers and 40% of Adjudication Stations (each firm tested 20%).

Image: Prt Scr / FOX 10 Phoenix

Author: Usa Really