EXCLUSIVE: Kickstarter Co-Founder Charles Adler Talks to USA Really About Freedoms in the US
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Photo: USA Really

EXCLUSIVE: Kickstarter Co-Founder Charles Adler Talks to USA Really About Freedoms in the US


MOSCOW, RUSSIA – August 1, 2018

The Moscow Strelka Institute held an open discussion "Digital Evolution of Business". Kickstarter co-founder Charles Adler, one of the leaders Rambler&Co, Rafael Abrahamyan, and Vice President of digital business "VimpelCom" George Held all attended and participated in the discussion.

During the meeting, Charles Adler, the Kickstarter co-founder, gave an exclusive interview with USA Really about freedom of speech and action in the US.

Adler compared freedom of speech, which a person can use as a weapon against something, with a simple business. He offered to imagine that a person goes to the bank, and the bank's representative can give him a loan and can refuse.

“I tend to like to believe that we are providing the freedom that people didn't otherwise have a right which was my paint the picture again. If you had a project that needed some funding the bank may not give you money for that project your mother and father of and I have the money to give you for that project may be a little bit, not the whole thing,” Adler said.

"As for me, I think generally speaking the… has been censored and non-free too much," Adler laughed.

Rules of the censorship, as he said, have been changed dramatically since 1960 and even before.

"But many nasty things maybe it’s the dark side of the internet, has appeared, that cause eviler. I think we need some control mechanisms for humanity allowing you to record a video and post it to YouTube, Clouds or Instagram or whatever to speak your mind as long as you are not degrading somebody else," he said.

It turns out, freedom of speech is needed in a limited fashion because people begin to use it against any rules and laws. On the other hand, how can you feel constantly constrained if you are forbidden by everything? Where is the golden mean?

As for business, it is probably based on the principle of 'Take only that gave you'. Or maybe Adler didn't want to put everything on the table, so as not to accidentally get in the middle of American democratically elected rulers. We remain confident that there is no freedom of speech as such in the US.  And even if there's still some attempts to create the impression of freedom of speech, now the State is doing everything to destroy this concept completely.

Mr. Adler concluded that Kickstarter is a freedom and independent platform for a business.

"But I'm no longer there. Right? So I can't really speak on behalf of the company back and speak is the founder who created," he said one minute later.

Off the record, the 1960s saw many changes in the censorship laws which were implemented as early as in the 18th and 19th centuries. These old laws were under the control of Lord Chamberlain, who was the one responsible for censoring the theatre, the cinema, and literature. Everything other forms of media, including TV and Radio, also burned heavily on strict licensing rules.

To be fair, it should be noted that the goal of most censorship is a kind of “big brother” form of protection in which it is assumed by a government that its people are better off being ignorant of certain truths.

According to U.S. Legal, censorship has always existed in the United States, and internationally, regardless of the First Amendment, which states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” (as cited in US Legal Law Digest).

Author: USA Really