Antifa Mob Destroys Portland Due To Biden's Immigration Policy
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Antifa Mob Destroys Portland Due To Biden's Immigration Policy


More than a hundred rioters literally wiped out downtown Portland in protest against Joe Biden's immigration policies. Dozens of shop windows were smashed, and several police cars were damaged.

Riot eyewitnesses say the area is cordoned off by various security forces, including the anti-riot police and the PPB on bicycles. However, the police are hesitant to fight the Antifa looters, allowing them to destroy buildings and attack stores.

There are no official statements from Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Portland mayor Ted Wheeler to date. The National Guard is building an impregnable fortress in Washington, instead of suppressing riots in Portland.

According to local residents, Antifa had notified in advance of the planned attack on the city, but the authorities ignored it. And the business owners, realizing that the liberal government would continue to pander to Antifa, boarded up shop windows from the Anti-Fascists armed with clubs and stones.


Image: prt scr

Author: Usa Really