Sweet Bones: Human Remains Discovered in Arkansas
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Sweet Bones: Human Remains Discovered in Arkansas



Recently discovered human remains belong to a young girl who was disappeared 2 and half years ago.

It happened in 2015. Ebby Steppach’s mother, Laurie Jernigan, previously said her daughter wanted to live on her own and had moved in with her brother, Trevor, who talked to her on the phone the day before her disappearance.

Trevor told to the police his sister was “like high on drugs.” She could not explain where she was, but just told him: "near the car." She repeated it many times. And later she vanished.

Police, volunteers and officials from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have searched the park several times since Steppach went missing.

Steppach’ remains have finally been found after 2.5 years of searching.

"The pipe opens near where police found Steppach’s car days after she was reported missing in October 2015 when she was 18," said Little Rock Police spokesman Officer Steve Moore.

The Arkansas State's Crime Lab concluded that the remains were Steppach’s.

“Yesterday, God answered the family’s prayers to find Ebby,” said one of the family's relatives in a post on Facebook.

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