Pentagon spent $ 550 million on unusable planes and no one went to jail
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Pentagon spent $ 550 million on unusable planes and no one went to jail


A new report by a government watchdog exposed an exorbitant embezzlement scheme in which a retired US Air Force general was the prime suspect.

The name of the former Pentagon official has not been disclosed, but the report says that due to a lack of oversight over such operations, the $ 549 million purchase of 20 G222 cargo aircraft from Alenia North America in 2008 turned into a $ 40 million heap of scrap metal.

“Neither a former U.S. Air Force general who was heavily involved in the project nor the company that sold the flawed aircraft to the Pentagon has faced prosecution over the program, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR),” said in the report obtained by NBC News.

The investigation revealed that the former Air Force officer who acted as an intermediary in the procurement had his own personal interests. After the failure of the G222 program, he resigned and became out of the reach of investigation.

The former Air Force officer "had a clear conflict of interest because he was significantly involved with the G222 program while on active duty, then retired and became the primary contact for Alenia on the same program," the inspector general's report said.

The supplier company reportedly notified the Pentagon of multiple significant aircraft deficiencies. Which, in the future, led to the impossibility of filing a claim after their receipt by the US Air Force.

8 years after the start of the program, the investigation was nevertheless launched, already in 2020 it was stopped due to the impossibility of bringing to justice neither Alenia nor the retired general.

Failed Air Force programs have become commonplace in the United States. Last month, a 20-year F-35 stealth fighter project was revealed that stole more than $ 1.7 trillion from the Americans without giving the Air Force any advantage.

Image: Photographed by Adrian Pingstone / Public Domain

Author: Usa Really