Holyoke cop posts video on YouTube revealing corruption in his own police department
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Holyoke cop posts video on YouTube revealing corruption in his own police department


A Holyoke police officer took to YouTube to claim that his department was captured by the corruption, lies, and racism. The video was posted on the platform on March 7. The Holyoke Police department released a response statement after the posted video.

A 43-minute video shows police officer Rafael Roca speaking out about his own department and suggesting that he would be fired after this. The video reached more than 14,000 views by Monday.

“Because of this video I will probably be fired,” Roca told his audience.

“I talk to citizens. I talk to retired Holyoke police officers. They all say the Holyoke police department has been corrupt for as long as they can remember ... as long as anyone can remember,” said Roca, a native of Puerto Rico who grew up in Bronx, New York, and pursued his “lifelong dream” of becoming a police officer.

Roca reveals the allegations of “cover-ups” involving lost or stolen weapons and other incidents. And eventually the cop makes a plea for the FBI to launch investigation into his department.

Holyoke Police Department Chief Manny Febo issued a statement on the video.

“The Holyoke Police Department is aware of the video posted by one of our officers. This is a personnel matter that is being looked into at this time. I stand by the integrity of the men and women of the Holyoke Police Department and I welcome any outside agency that would like to look into any of the alleged allegations from the video,” said the chief, set to retire in July.

The city has not disclosed whether Roca will face discipline over the video. Roca said “the straw that broke the camel’s back” and propelled him to upload the statement was a call from one of his coworkers who informed him he was ordered to give Roca remedial training on how to apply a tourniquet in the field.

Watch the full Roca’s video.

Author: Usa Really