Zimbabwean Immigrant About to Be Deported From Idaho
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Zimbabwean Immigrant About to Be Deported From Idaho

Deon Matimba

POCATELLO, ID – August 2, 2018

Chris Matimba, a Zimbabwean immigrant who has been living in the state of Idaho for 15 years, and is married to American citizen and has kids with her, is about to be deported, because his request to stay in the country was denied, local media reports.

“We went to a check-in at the immigration agency in Idaho Falls and they just detained him,” said Deon Matimba, Chris Matimba’s wife. “Normally (the officials) there just come out and check his paperwork, but this time they asked to have us meet them around the other side of the building. The next thing they said was your husband wants to talk to you and he was behind glass.”

Chris Matimba has been incarcerated at the Jefferson County Jail in Rigby while his case is being adjudicated. He will be deported on Aug. 15 because officials at the USCIS facility denied a stay of deportation or removal application that has been previously approved for 12 years, Deon Matimba said.

The case seems to be resonant, because aside from two minor traffic citations, Chris Matimba has no other criminal convictions.

Author: USA Really