Fake BLM leader cheated donors for 450 000 dollars
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Fake BLM leader cheated donors for 450 000 dollars


The FBI found that an Ohio man took advantage of unprecedented tensions and uncertainty due to widespread civil unrest and a global pandemic in order to enrich himself.

According to the DOJ press release, the 32-year-old Tyree Conyers-Page of Toledo created the Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta (BLMGA) Facebook page to mislead donors by promising them to use funds to fight racial injustice.

“These allegations involve fraudulent misrepresentations that the donations received would support Black Lives Matter (Atlanta, Georgia) when, as stated in the indictment, those funds were actually used by the defendant for personal expenses he incurred in Toledo and elsewhere,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Brennan. “It is our sincere hope that these charges help raise awareness about online scams and efforts by some to exploit the name and purpose of non-profit organizations for personal gain.”


Conyers-Page accepted donations under the guise of charity status, officials said, although the IRS revoked its tax status due to non-documentation. Also, Page for four years did not provide any confirmation that the money helped anyone other than himself.

“To create the false pretense and representation that BLMGA was a legitimate social justice organization, the defendant routinely made posts on BLMGA’s public Facebook page about social and racial issues, including those occurring in Georgia. In addition to falsely representing BLMGA as a legitimate non-profit organization, the defendant is accused of using the BLMGA Facebook handle to privately communicate with other Facebook users and falsely represented that the donations would be used to “fight for George Floyd” and the “movement.” As a result, over one hundred people donated to BLMGA through its Facebook page,” the statement says.

Image: WTOL11 / youtube screen grab

Author: Usa Really