Montana Hit With “Small Wildfires”
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Montana Hit With “Small Wildfires”


HELENA, MT – August 2, 2018

A chain of small wildfires has almost reached the border with Canada in the state of Montana, local media reports.

An unnamed fire slowed interstate traffic four miles west of Alberton near the Cyr exit shortly after 3 p.m. Mel Holtz of the Frenchtown Rural Fire department said. When firefighters arrived, homeowners with shovels were trying to prevent the fire from reaching a home that was directly in its path.

“It was several hundred yards from the structure, by the interstate, so no one could reach it with hoses,” Holtz said.

Wildfires are still a big issue for Montana and neighboring states this summer, and the effort local officials are making is still not enough to win this battle.

Author: USA Really