Florida ditches vaccine passports for travelers and any other events
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Florida ditches vaccine passports for travelers and any other events


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the state will not require a vaccine passport for visiting travelers, for those who want to travel out of state. Also, all sporting events will be available to people without vaccine passports.

“The vaccine passport is a terrible idea. We are definitely not going to require anything from the state’s perspective. That is totally off the table,” DeSantis said. “If I have businesses that want to do that in Florida, I think that that’s more than just a private decision.”

DeSantis believes that there is good reason to believe that there is no threat to public safety - this is confirmation that the person received the vaccine, which worked within the next 72 hours. Whether to receive a passport or not, the decision will remain with the people.

“I want to make it clear in Florida — we are not doing it,” DeSantis said at a Thursday news conference in Bay County. “Under no circumstances will the state ask you to show proof of vaccination. People are able to make decisions for themselves.”

The US government put forward the idea that Americans must have a vaccine passport, but this initiative was met with controversy, since not all states still require an ID in elections, but for some reason require a vaccine passport.

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Author: Usa Really