US Democracy Is Sinking To The Bottom Of Global Ranking For Freedom
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US Democracy Is Sinking To The Bottom Of Global Ranking For Freedom


A new report Freedom House, presented new indicators of the countries of the world in terms of freedom, in which the United States fell by 11 points.

Experts cite racial segregation and ostentatious struggle against racism as reasons for this steady decline. Also one of the main factors is the financial abyss between different social classes.

“The problems that came to a head in January had been accumulating for years. Freedom House has been tracking a gradual decline in respect for political rights and civil liberties in the United States over the past decade. The deterioration was initially marked by harmful new restrictions on voting, legislative gridlock that has made it nearly impossible for the country to address serious public policy challenges, and the growing political influence of well-funded special interest groups,” Freedom House stated.

Screaming at every corner about the rights and freedoms of Americans, the United States sank below Mongolia and Argentina.

The United States went from 94 points in 2010 to 83 points in 2020. The drop, analysed by Freedom House's vice president of research and analysis, Sarah Repucci, comes after events taking place during the last several months that "amounted to an acute crisis for democracy in the United States", she writes.

Partisan polarization is the most catastrophic, according to the report. The division of the same people into colors, depending on the region where they live.

“These Americans are sorting themselves into more homogeneous groups with similar political leanings and limited opportunity for interaction with those on the other side, which can blind them to the many issues on which large majorities still agree,” the report says. “Political identity is coded into choices as mundane as where someone buys groceries or what television shows they watch. That Americans across the political spectrum use the shorthand of “red” and “blue” to define geographic areas is a testament to the partisan divide.”

A similar division of people by place of stay, by the language they speak and by worldview was tested in Ukraine, which ultimately led to a revolution and a split in the country. Ukraine lost the confidence of its own citizens, with the result that the south and east split off.

To raise the US rating, the report proposes "lower barriers to voting as part of a comprehensive effort to address racial injustice." And also to remove money as a foundation for politics.

Image: Fabian Sommer / Global Look Press

Author: Usa Really