Google will consume your privacy and become a monopoly
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Google will consume your privacy and become a monopoly


IT giant Google is preparing to become a full-fledged monopoly of the Internet. This time, the new data collection policy implies a refusal or a complete ban on tracking by third party cookies.

Previously, this technology allowed smaller companies to collect unique data about people and target ads. From now on, only Google will have such capabilities. The only uncontrolled browsers will remain Firefox and Safari.

User Reddit under the nickname TheDangerousDev draws attention to how skillfully and imperceptibly the monopolization of the advertising market will take place.

“After Google’s change: third party cookies are banned. Websites can’t use them to profile users on their servers. Google will now integrate the user tracking and profiling directly into the browser! No more need to collect 3rd party cookies. Your browser will track you and profile you directly and only Google will have the complete user data!” says the author of the post.

In the list of critical and dangerous changes for society, the author says that Google will retain all the processes that track people on the Internet, but will no longer be obliged to share this information with anyone.

  • Google will still collect data from everyone, cross-site, just like before, with the same data as before (of course!).
  • Users will incorrectly think they have better privacy because they can’t understand the change (PR win).
  • Google’s ad-tracking competitors will have worse data collecting only first party cookies (amongst other things) and will need to get user data from Google.
  • Google will improve its tracking algorithm directly on the browser with the possibility of collecting even more data directly from the computer. FLOC currently claims to only use browsing history.
  • No Chromium-based browser that updates from upstream will be safe because FLOC will be implemented directly on Chromium. Your only choices will be Firefox and Safari.
  • Very likely no browser extension will be able to prevent the profiling and sharing of your data. So no more ad-tracker blockers!
  • Google says users will likely be able to disable FLOC, though it will be enabled by default - the toggle will probably be hidden on settings. Disabling it will allegedly make your browser respond with random group identifiers when asked. Google did not clarify whether turning it off will actually make the browser stop tracking and profiling you.

Following such a reform, closest competitors such as Apple and Mozilla will introduce similar tools, and all small analytical and PR companies will either be absorbed or cannot withstand competition.

“Sharing data with other advertisers could be even worse for users as that data could be used for browser fingerprinting which could have even better accuracy than 3rd party cookies, making getting rid of them mostly a PR stunt,” the Reddit post reads.

According to the author, only the possibility of manually disabling this function can save personal data from an uncontrolled leakage process.

Image: Frank Hoermann/SVEN SIMON / Global Look Press

Author: Usa Really